Whipped Lemon Coconut Body Butter: A Five-Minute Tutorial

(Seven-year-old presents to you her dirty nails and afternoon pajamas and says ‘Hooray for school holidays!’)

Och aye, I’m tired of whinging.  Let me pull focus to something creative and lovely instead: a recipe for this beautiful, simple moisturiser.  I made a batch for all my sisters last Christmas, and since then,  have whipped up a new pot every month or two. It takes only minutes to pull together, and the final result is very pleasing. As in, your old bones might still hurt, but at least they smell nice.

1. Place about a cup of coconut oil (in solid state) in a mixmaster.

2. Add a teaspoon of pure Vitamin E (available at health food stores and pharmacists)

3. Add about ten drops of pure lemon buy alprazolam south america essential oil (or whatever scent and mix you prefer.) Me, I love using lemon for everything.

4. Beat for about ten minutes, until mix is frothy and beautifully light.

5. Transfer to a jar. If you live in a very warm climate, you might want to keep this body butter in the fridge, but in most circumstances it’s fine in the cupboard. If you have a hot day and it reverts to liquid, just give it another good whipping. It  works nicely as a bath oil too.

Happy slapping!

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