Week Ahead, I am Grabbing You By The Buttocks and Squeezing Gently.

This morning I showed the kids how hippies danced (Hair soundtrack, overly expressive Delta Goodrem/Kate Bush arms), and then Keith and I practiced playing Bob Dylan’s Forever Young in various styles (honky-tonk, blues, Christian-country and ‘Beaches soundtrack’).  After all that, we were not even late for school. Win!

After the drop off, I went to the gym( not my natural habitat) and I did not, repeat not,  hit myself in the face with the equipment like last week. Win! I went to Aldi,  stopped myself from buying a sous-vide machine (Aldi, you evil geniuses, you’re killing me) and basically worked out again trying to keep up with the athletic enthusiasm of the checkout girl.  Win!

At lunch, toasted sammies and a game of Uno with K and small Pudding. Tonight, potato gratin and roasted chicken drumsticks. This afternoon, banana blueberry cake snaffled from the school-lunch baking. Win, win, win, says my belly.

In general, I am practicing the art of not complaining. (So far, so good.)

My hope for you is that every morning this week begins as sweetly as it does for this pig eating a cookie.  Have a good one, comrades. That’s an order.