Watching, Reading, Listening, Cooking

Deauville, 1937 (Boris Lipnitzki).


House of Cards, with Keith, when we can co-ordinate schedules. About three times a week at the minute. Couch, snacks, together time. The best.

My Kitchen Rules: with myself or –  on Wednesdays and Sundays – with the two big kids, who I’ve been training up for years to enjoy my cooking shows. It’s paying off. They love it!


The Man Without A Face by Masha Gessen (I’m trying to understand what’s going on with Russia) and A Cooks Life by Stephanie Alexander.  Also, the beautiful kids book Wonder by RJ Pellagio. Kids and I can’t get enough of Wonder. We’re reading it morning, after school, bedtime…best book for kids I have read in a long long time.


This amazing mix by Shane Roberts and friends of tunes from the ‘golden age’ of Khmer pop music: ‘a style that meshed the sounds of traditional Cambodian music with soul and rhythm and blues, cha cha, beat music, mambo, jazz, psychedelic and garage rock and many other styles.’

On Spotify, I’m having an Andrews Sisters moment.

Podcast-wise, still on the Russian thing. Keith and I have been making our way through this London School of Economics discussion panel on Russia and Ukraine while we do the washing up. I think I’m understanding about one minute in every five.  It’s complicated stuff. But fascinating.


The freezer melted down yesterday so I had to have a big cook-off: in the afternoon I roasted a chicken, made a beef and eggplant casserole and a huge pot of raspberry sauce. Next week I think we will go with an Enchantment Under The Sea menu theme and Peanut and I are going to attempt to make our own prawn ravioli. Failure: likely. But after-school pasta machine action is always a good thing.

This weekend we’re off to Canberra to visit the family. Road trip! Road trip!

What are you reading? Watching? Cooking? Listening to?

Happy weekending.


ps- I didn’t mention ‘wearing’ but obvs: a high-waisted pant, a glamorous friend, a small confused dog. Men in wooly socks have been dropping at my feet.