This Is 43

1. An early morning on the couch sharing a hot-water bottle with the kids and reading Tintin.

2. A poem from my seven year old:

I hope you will never forget
Our love and no regrets
Or the smellyness of Dads bum
Never ever is you Mum
However much I read Tintin
I will never put you in the binbin
Or how much I read Harry Potter
You will never be called a rotter
So for all the love we have all gave you
Even if you smell like poo
I swear I will never kill you.

3. My sister in town staying an extra night at Mums so the kids can have a sleepover with their cousins while I hit the town with Keith. Thanks Mum and Sam. (Especially for telling me I have a long and lustrous chin hair waving in the winter sunlight.)

4. Searching for my glasses so I can see well enough to pluck the chin hair in the good light of the car’s rear-vision mirror (no trouble spared for date night!)

3.  The closing night of the Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Patyegarang at the Sydney Opera House – a beautiful and moving story of first contact.

4. A (child-free!) wander around Berkolouw books and a top find – a first buy alprazolam 1mg edition of the 1950′s release of the Regency-era diaries of the biographer James Boswell. So up my alley.

4. A stroll down to my old hang Bar Italia for a cheap dinner and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! – a surprise party! With my Sydney posse! I hardly ever get to see these beloved old bastards of mine and they even came dressed in a ‘nose’ theme in honour of my sorry old sinuses. (That’s me clutching all the tissues and being happy.)


6. We ate, we cackled, and then we went to the pub where in accordance with the gods who were smiling on my whole birthday: Karaoke. Night.

In short, I highly recommend that you guys have some sort of pre-menstrual house-work and family-life meltdown just before your birthday. My lady-tantrum seems to have galvanised Keith into throwing the best birthday he’s ever managed.  I’m not saying I , like, planned it? But it really worked out well for me.

Although he’s totally buggered himself for next year.  Where to go from here?

In everyday news, school holidays and health dramas have interfered with my writing much here lately. Hope to be back on the horse soon. Sooner. Soonest!