The Lords Prayer in Pidgin (A Little Random Goodness.)

If you are a word-nerd, can I suggest you make a cup of tea and settle in to peruse this gem; a copy of the Lords Prayer in Pidgin that I found in a little book called Oddities, published in 1975 by the Readers Digest.

Take your time and think through the logic. It’s really delightful. 

Papa belong me-fella, you stop long heaven

All ‘e sanctu ‘im name belong you

Kingdom belong you ‘e come

All’e hear ‘im talk belong you long ground

All same long heaven.

Today givem kaikai belong day long me-fella.

Forgive ‘im wrong belong me-fella all-same me-fella

forgive ‘im wrong all ‘e makem long me-fella.  

You no bring-em me-fella long try ‘im.

Take ‘way some t’ing nogood long me-fella. 

Amazing language.