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9th September 2016

It’s late, I’m trying to download thousands of pics off my phone to make room for our trip away, and I’m stuck here waiting for the process to finish…first time I’ve stopped all day. It’s been mennal around here!

At 5am tomorrow we’re blowing this joint to head off to the South Pacific for five weeks. SO exciting.  Part work, part play. I’ll be doing some home-schooling (first order of business:  ’Hitler,  He Only Had One Ball’ in 3 part harmony, and then I’ll wing it from there.)  Also, lots and lots of lovely lovely relaxing (keeping in mind of course that my three companions, aged 9, 8 and 5, will be at my side demanding I feed them coconuts every seven minutes.)

All is enthusiasm! around here. I even got a leg wax and a spray tan in honour of the occasion, which is extreme grooming for me. Usually as fancy as I get is putting my bra on for the school run. The children looked at me with disdain when I told them that this week I was paying a lady to rip the hair out of my lags and then paying another lady to paint me brown.

The planning and prepping and packing has reached serial killer levels of organisation but I think I’m done.

Off, into the wild blue yonder. Me, overseas for the first time in ten years (!) and the children, overseas for the first time ever.


I shall report on other lands very soon. I must, must, must get on with all my jobs before bed. Really  I only came on here to find this: the Lords Prayer in Pidgin. I love Pidgin so much. I can’t believe I’ll be hearing it next week!

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