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Watching, Reading, Listening #4

22nd November 2015

What’s up. homies?

It’s been housework madness this weekend. I went deep into the crazy sort-out zone and overhauled a kids bedroom from arsehole to breakfast-time, as the Queen would say. The house is ordered, and I am buggered. Also, eldest spawn goes to camp for the first time tomorrow. I am super excited for her and I dislike her being out of my clutches for three days very, very much.

Here’s a few things I’ve been loving lately.

Watching - I am in a place of televisual joy at the minute with two fantastic shows on the go: Master Of None, Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show, which is getting heaps of critical attention lately, deservedly so, and Josh Thomas’ third season of Please Like Me (available on iView now) which is getting no attention at all. Both seem to me to be describing the current cultural moment with such sharp sweetness and intelligence.  Just so -


Where was I?

The other thing I watched and loved lately was the BBC Adaptation of Wolf Hall - you can get that one on iTunes. 6 parts of deliciously painterly, understated period drama. If you loved the book, the series absolutely lives up to it, and if you don’t know the book - go get it! You are in for a banging good time.

Speaking of banging, Rob Delaney from Catastrophe is my new favourite TV-totty. If you follow him on Twitter he says things like this:

rob dlaneyVerified account**?@robdelaney</a>

Hey #Teens: would it be cool if I put a #saddle on my #toilet?

BBC series Catastrophe was so bloody funny, and so sharp on relationships. I loves him, and I loves Sharon Horgan, with whom he co-writes the show. If Please Like Me and Master of None are like an anthropological field trip into Gen Y territory, Catastrophe is more like hanging out with people I recognise. Here's the trailer to Season 1 (Season 2 coming soon I think.) **Reading** I am always reading several somethings, and many pass through me without leaving much of a trace (insert curry joke of your own choosing here.) But some wonderful writing has made me stop and think lately - not new stuff, but stuff I've loved. Summerland, by Malcolm Knox (Sydney readers from the Northern Beaches might especially love his vivid descriptions of Palm Beach) The Beautiful Room Is Empty ( I just adore Edmund White, and this part of his memoirs traces his life hanging with the beatniks and bohemians of 1950's New York). The Elena Ferrante 'Neopolitan novels' series (you may have heard of this sweeping, dense epic trilogy of female friendship that begins with My Brilliant Friend - an amazing read and a lovely present if you're starting to think about Christmas) Aloud to the kids, Keith is reading Voyage Of The Dawn Treader and I have just started Playing Beatie Bow - they are both books we adore, and the kids are liking them too. Full Mum and Dad endorsement on both. **Listening - some podcasts I love right now: ** Mortified  - teenage diaries. HILARI HORSE. They are all funny, but if you search for '22 shades of awkward' where a clueless pre-teen tries to write a sexy novel in the style of Judy Blume...well, you will thank me, and maybe even send me Cherry Ripes. Dear Sugar - love advice from the sultry-voiced Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) and Steve Almond. I could listen to these two read the back of the shampoo bottle, just for their gorgeous tones alone, but they are so wise, so thoughtful, and so candid - it's a wonderful podcast to listen to. Good for the soul. On The Media - Getting trustworthy news can be a tricky affair these days. This long-running program explores how 'the media sausage' is made, and is sometimes scary, always enlightening. Rum, Rebels and Ratbags - finally, if you like a bit of Aussie history, ABC Radio's Dom Knight and David Hunt put together a fabulously funny and quirky 10-parter on Australian colonial history. It's an engrossing listen. Great with kids. On Spotify I'm having a Wainwright moment - Martha, Rufus, Loudon, a little Kate McGarriagal: the whole gang. And 4 year old Pudding and I had a thrilling dance-off to Whispering Jack last week. That's it for me.  The Cherry Ripe of unexpected delight is over and  I'm off to bed, ready for a big week ahead. But first - to stand at the door and peer in at my firstborn for a while. What are you reading/watching/listening to? Any recommendations for me? Watching,Reading, Listening #1 Watching, Reading,Listening #2 Watching, Reading, Listening #3

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