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Bookshelf: An Insider Glimpse Into the Australian Parliament

16th September 2015

This week, as we stand by and wait to see how things unfold with the silver fox (for non-Aussie readers, we have a new Prime Minister)  I happen to be reading a really interesting book about the machinery of government.

James Button, son of the late long-time ALP politician  John Button, spent a year working as a speechwriter for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet during Kevin Rudd’s (first) stint in the top job. He wrote this memoir exploring that year, and his book is fascinating.

It’s a study of Labour Party history, an homage to his late father, and a peek into the vast, polite, obfuscatory and baffling world of the public service.

If you can’t stop watching coverage this week, or have a political animal with a birthday coming up in your life,  I loved this book. I feel like I understand a little more about the system we live under.

No more from me tonight: I am deep in packing, list-making and deadline-meeting. On Sunday we’re off for a month to South Australia, and I have to pull the house together for the family of house-swappers who are coming to stay. It’s a big gig!

ps - and just because it is wonderful….Jason Wood and his genetically modified orgasms, 2008.

pps - Chinese press have taken to calling Malcolm Turrnbull ‘sugar bomb’ and ‘sweet dumpling’. (!!)

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