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Diary: Life at The Golden Door (OR: An Ordinary Woman Farts Her Way to Enlightenment)

4th September 2015

Hola, my comrades!

Sorry for the radio silence. My laptop kicked the bucket, but is home from the techno-hospital now.

While I was on my e-sabbatical, published my diary of life at the Golden Door. 

Short version: caffeine withdrawal, terrible fartiness, sudden embarrassing tears, and overall, a brutal re-integration to Mum Life.

You can read the long version here, if you like.

I’ll be back on Monday to chat more - I’ve been decluttering all my cupboards, reading true crime and thinking about ‘period feminism’… Oh my god, it’s sure to be fabulous! Or the other one - pointless and shit? Yeah, totally shit!


ps: 8 year old just popped out of bed to deliver me the lyrics she’s been writing out to ‘Greased Lightning’.

As follows:

Go greece lightening your burning up the coal mine

Greece lightening go greece lightening

Go greece lightening your burning up the greece inside

Greece lightening go greece lightening

You are supreme

The chicks are cream

Greece lightening

And now, I die happy.

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