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Slightly Overwhelmed But Full Of Roasted Potatoes, A General Update of Business

20th July 2015

It’s been ages since I caught up here. How are you guys out there? Punched any sharks lately?

We’ve been great. But it’s a busy time and I am definely feeling a little overwhelmed keeping up my end of this life deal.  Keith was away for a couple of weeks, then we rolled into school holidays, which ended with a four day road trip visiting relatives. Highlights :

  1. Dinner at a German restaurant that served, amongst other delights,  a full wheel of deep-fried Camembert. It was like an anti-paleo feast.

  2. A great moment from my eldest at the science museum Questacon in Canberra: around the room, kids were answering the question ‘what’s your favourite food?’ with the usual replies: pizza, tacos, spagetti bolognaise. Peanut waved her hand like a maniac until the lecturer asked her. ‘Jamie Oliver’s six-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder with crackling and apple sauce’ she said. Brought th huse down. I had my proud face on.

We got home and the house was obscene. Disgraceful. Terrifying. Imagine a slow-mo tracking shot through the house, where every room looks like a clothes, toy or food bomb exploded.

It’s taken me days to recover it, as we leap into a new school term. We’re rolling rugby, gymnastics, swimming, band and Girl Guides this term. I am constantly packing and re-packing bags. I’ve been getting up early to write, listening to the Mortified podcast and Liz Gilbetrs new podcast on creativity, reading a lovely bio called Piffy, Bird and Bing about  the Du Maurier sisters ( I have such a love-jones for the  Edwardians - check out these pics if you do too, or maybe read the wonderful, wonderful book The Bolter). I read another great memoir called My Salinger Year last week - if you love all things Salinger, like me, you’ll love this. Also, the Miles Franklin Award-winning The Eye Of The Sheep, by Sophie Laguna, was an astonishing, wrenching, beautiful read. Out loud, I’m reading Harry Potter to the kids and Keith is reading them through a pile of his childhood Footrot Flats annuals…

The kids are fantastic. We bought a trampoline on the weekend and they have been on it ever since, although one of their favourite games is pretending to be dead on it, which slightly defeats the energetic purpose of the thing. Peanut is my favourite comedian. T-Bone swings between his two energy settings: timid like mouse and wild like buffalo. George has taken to shouting ‘No way Jose! when she gets in trouble and ‘I’ll take that as a yes’ when she has any request.

I’m deep in a Bullet Journal moment. I likey.

No more news other than I have given up coffee this week in detox prepration for my trip to the Golden Door next week. YES I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING AND I AM BESIDE MY BAD SELF WITH EXCITEMENT.

But bloody hell I would kill for a coffee.

How is you? Good school holidays? Are they forgotten already?

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