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Orange Is The New Black: Make a Reek That Will Last One Thousand Years!

24th June 2015

If you’re not watching Orange Is The New Black because you are curing cancer or writing a manifesto for fourth-wave feminism, that is fine. If you’re not watching it because you don’t know it or think it’s not for you, then you should rethink your damn decision!

There are so few shows like this. Set in a women’s prison, it is all about women - exploring the complex culture behind bars, and using flashbacks to explain the back-stories of the inmates.  It covers life in a way we rarely see onscreen. Basically, it passes the shit out of the Bechdel Test.

It occasionally misses the mark. Sometimes the cheese factor is high. Sometimes I can’t bear watching Piper at all. (You too?)  But that’s fine. That’s balanced out by the moments of utterly hilarious writing. And nobody does a season-finale like OITNB. (Except maybe Larry David.)

For instance, this speech Piper gives (she’s running a clandestine business called Felonious Spunk, which sells women’s worn underwear to perverts.) It is so funny it’s almost unwatchable.

Anyway, this post is for the fans of OITNB.  Some more back story on the fabulous women of Litchfield Penitentiary.

Big Boo is best mates with Mitchell from Modern Family, and speaks with great passion and intelligence about  playing a butch lesbian character on prime time TV.

Laverne Cox is the first trans women to be nominated for an Emmy. 

Morello is Australian and she made that crazy  accent up!

Norma used to front a punk band.

Some inside goss from the woman who was in jail with the REAL Piper.

And a final p.s: the breakout star of season 3, our very own Ruby Rose, is engaged to Phoebe Dahl, Roald Dahl’s grand-daughter. They are the coolest pair in town.

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