Sex Tips From History: The Sex Impulse Is Like A Fiery Horse (1924)

Helpful advice from a 1920′s health film on heath, hygiene and all matters sec-shual. First, a film for the young men.

Readers, take note that athletics, an abundant outdoor life, wholesome companions, lots of good fun, constant occupation and determination will help a boy who has acquired the habit of masturbation (“self-abuse”) to overcome it and repair any harm it may have done.  It is a selfish, childish, stupid habit.

Also, pimples do NOT indicate sex disease. Phew! A victory for scientific discovery, although a sad day for spotty virgins trying to attach some Fonzie-esque cred to their pustulating faces. Finally, I’m a little confused. Our educational clip ends with the father on his hands and knees,  wildly bouncing a baby on his back. Is this an extension of the earlier horse metaphor? Is this chaste husband now a tamed stallion? Answers on a postcard buy alprazolam pills please.

Next, a film for the young ladies:

I watched this clip as I did  calisthenics in my palm-filled courtyard. Constipation? What constipation? But I’m bummed – the lady of today needs brains, fidelity and sound training to be a fit mother, this tells us. Once again, my Arts degree proves useless. But all was well by the end, when I was overjoyed to meet again with the syphilitic children who can’t catch a ball.

As always, happy Hump Day, and all the best with your climax!


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