Sex Tips From History: The Hairy Joy Of Hairy Sex, 1972

The original 1972 edition of Dr Alex Comfort’s ‘The Joy Of Sex’ might just as well have been named ‘The Joy Of Bush’.  The hairy glory of this how-to-do-sex manual is shocking and fabulous to to our sanitised modern sensibilities, whereT pudendas and ball-sacks everywhere are as naked and vulnerable as plucked chickens. From armpits to beards, bums and fannies, the fascinating illustrations of the Joy Of Sex celebrate the hairy beast animal that lives within us all.

Joy, touted as ‘a cordon bleu guide to lovemaking’,  is split into sections from ‘Starters’ to ‘Main Courses’ through to ‘Sauces and Pickles’ and the smorgasbord is vast, covering horse-play (apparently one of Comforts own favourites) to spanking. Oral sex is coyly and creepily referred to as ‘mouth music’. Helpful advice included “Never, never refer to pillow-talk in anger later on (‘I always knew you were a lesbian,’ etc.).” Dr Comfort himself is an interesting man. He blew off most of his left hand while experimenting with gunpowder (leaving only his thumb), and gained not one but six degrees at Cambridge.  Later in life, he hated buy alprazolam 3mg being known as ‘Dr Sex.’
But in the 70′s, Comfort liked to spend time at the Sandstone, a Californian nudist retreat famous for its sexual shenanigans. He’s described by author Gay Talese as a sort of avuncular, eccentric scientist. ”Often the nude biologist Dr. Alex Comfort, brandishing a cigar, traipsed through the room between the prone bodies with the professional air of a lepidopterist strolling through the fields waving a butterfly net”.

The Joy Of Sex is absolutely an artifact of its time, and you can almost smell the spirit of the sexual revolution rise from its pages. (The revolution did not use deodorant.) 
Grab yourself a copy. It’s a classic – dated in so many ways (with only four pages about the clitoris and almost no mention of homosexuality, writer Ariel Levy called it a penis propaganda pamphlet’), but it’s anthropologically fascinating. And so hairy. So wonderfully, wonderfully hairy.


As always, happy Hump Day, and all the best with your climax.