Sex Tips From History: 1962

When I’m not crocheting earmuffs for Mongolian ponies (those steppes can be brutal), I like to ponder the art of ‘relations’. How, I wonder, did people from the past manage special cuddles without all the educational guides the internet kindly provides us with these days? How did they know what to do?

Now call me crazy (me and Anne Heche) but I think internet porn is a scourge. Naked people humping should not be just a slip of the thumb away. (Dear god, I meant spanish eggs! Spanish eggs! Bring me some eye-shampoo and the King James Bible!) No, I think it should take some work to winkle out an image of people doing naughties.  It’s much sexier that way. But I am not of this time. I  find the modern penchant for men to wax their testicles horrifying and funny, for instance.

I do however like the written word, and I have an extensive library. Amongst my collections, I have gathered some fabulous marriage manuals from the past. And according to the modern-day philosophers from the Flight Of The Conchords, Wednesday is the optimum night for making the freaky beast with two backs.

To that end I have decided to bring you a selection of old-timey sex advice here every Wednesday.

Today, via my friends and yours at Mamabake, some hints from 1962. In particular,I draw your attention to this: ‘Should your husband suggest any of the more unusual practices be obedient and uncomplaining but register any reluctance by remaining silent.’ It’s hot stuff.

All the best with your climax,

x Rach

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