Peanuts, You Bloody French Bitch!

I’m off this afternoon to see a bunch of my oldest, dearest friends for a 40th in the countryside. I am so excited.  Moments away from soiling my Depend undergarments.

I am expecting:

  • Cackling
  • Snorting
  • Laugh-farting
  • Lounge-room dancing
  • Poolside napping
  • Fabulous food
  • Lengthy,  intense, uninterrupted conversation
  •  A brief re-introduction to my my solo, kid-free self. I think a couple of days spent attending to the needs of my soul, my stomach and my liver will set me up perfectly for a  new school year, when my days will be focused on managing and looking after other people.

Did I mention I’m excited?

A weekend of this:

and then home to this.

Lucky me!

Hope your weekend is as wonderful.