My Favourite Podcasting App

March 1942. Phoenix, Arizona. “Washday at the FSA Camelback Farms.”

35mm negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.

I like to listen to podcasts while I do all the mundane jobs around my beloved homestead. There are many, many chores to to be done when you live with small children that only know how to destroy the joint, and not yet how to rebuild it. Good radio is like having interesting company, and there really are some great broadcasters out there. In fact,  it’s a bit of a Golden Age for Radio, some say (please imagine my John Laws voice here.)

I listen on my phone via a podcasting app called Stitcher. Sometimes I plug the phone into my speaker in the kitchen while I potter about in there, and sometimes I use headphones while I scurry about the house with my phone in my back pocket.  If the kids are all happy and busy I do my thing with one headphone in, and one ear free for negotiating sudden sibling battles.

Stitcher collects your favourite programs and automatically updates them for you. It also suggests programs you might like, based on your history. If you stumble on a podcast that you love, you can listen through their whole back catalogue.

I love programs about culture, science, history. I love teach-me-stuff podcasts. I also love storytelling and interview formats. And sometimes, while I fold raggedy underpants, I like listening to funny people chat about life.

Here are two Australian podcasts you might not know:

Over The Back Fence: Beth MacDonald (from the blog Babymac) chats with her country neighbour about life, the universe and everything.

Five To Eight: Jo Thornely and friends start recording at five drinks and stop after eight. Absurd, random, delightful. It’s kind of like eavesdropping on a funny trio at a bar, you know, if you were a bit of a sad loser. At home, it’s totally not sad. Right? Right?

Got any new podcast recommendations for me?

(This is not a sponsored post, or if it is, I really failed at the part where I make any money from shilling product…. I just like Stitcher.)