Last Minute Fathers Day Present? The Kon-Tiki Expedition!

Fathers Day on Sunday!

Need a last-minute present?

Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdal took a wooden raft across the Pacific in 1947, just to prove his theory that the South Pacific was peopled by ancient people from Peru.  On board the Kon-Tiki, he had five friends, all cool Scandinavian dudes of different types; scientists and anthropologists and seekers, all young men a little adrift in the aftermath of their service in World War 2.

If I turned left, I had an unimpeded view of a vast blue sea with hissing waves, rolling by close at hand in an endless pursuit of an ever-retreating horizon. If I turned right, I saw the inside of a shadowy cabin in which a bearded individual was lying on his back reading Goethe, with his bare toes carefully dug into the lattice-work in the low bamboo roof of the crazy little cabin  that was our common home.

“Bengt,” I said, pushing away the green parrot, which wanted to perch on the log-book. “Can you tell me how the hell we came to be doing this?”

Goethe sank down under the red-gold beard.

“The devil I do, you know best yourself. It was your damned idea, but I think it’s grand.”

He moved his toes three bars up and went on reading Goethe unperturbed. Outside the cabin three other fellows were workin in the roasting sun on the bamboo deck. They were half-naked, brown-skinned and bearded, with stripes of salt down their backs and all looking as if they had never done anything else than float wooden rafts westward across the Pacific. Eric came crawling in through the opening with his sextant and a pile of papers.

“Ninety-eight degrees forty-six minutes west by eight degrees two minutes south – a good day’s run, chaps!”

This is such a great read. Funny, smart and an absolute classic of the adventure genre. Heyerdahl and his gang are the original and the best beardie-weirdies. .

Such a great Fathers Day present, if you haven’t picked anything up yet, or if you are totes organised for this weekend, a jump-start on Christmas!

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Happy Fathers Day, Daddyo’s.