Jo’s Zealot Podcast Goes Mental!

My old friend Jo Thornely hit #1 in the iTunes comedy charts recently with ‘Zealot’ , her podcast exploring the cults you know and love, and a few you might have missed.

You can find the full episode list here.

I recorded Episode 5 with Jo a few months ago. It’s about the Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, and it’s an hour in which Jo and I have a great time exploring the wacky world of 80′s bio-terrorism, make bad jokes about the Indian city ‘Pune’ and invent a nursing home called ‘Tough Titties Meadows’.

The Bhagwans right-hand woman was Sheila, who you might remember from her classic burn on 60 Minutes’ Mike Willesee: ‘good luck to you and your pimps.’

The jokes, they write themselves.

Recently Jo’s podcast has been rocketing up the iTunes comedy charts, which is an amazing achievement for a lady whose prior career high was smelling Jermaine Jackson (olfactory report: like new-car leather from a cow that only ate gardenias.) SO PROUD of Jo! She had an idea, she went and made a thing, and now the thing is going crackers.

Go out, comrades! Go out and make the thing! Be like Jo!

My favourite iTunes review: ‘Hilarious, crude and immature. It’s absolutely perfect.’  Which is probably how I would describe my darling old mate Jo.

Go, listen, subscribe, review, eat the t-shirt, sign up to sign your autumn years at Tough Titties, and enjoy!