I’ve Heard Of ‘Hair Pie’ But This Is Ridiculous.

The notion of ‘food groups’ has pretty well penetrated most of the developed world by now. It has, oddly, though, skipped Australia’s corridors of power.

Back in 2007, our erstwhile leader Kevin Rudd got a little peckish and dined on some ear wax while Parliament debated legislation.

You’d expect that a memo would have gone around after that oopsy, advising politicians not to nibble on themselves while in camera-view, no matter how boring the speeches.  Nope. Our zany decision-makers are at it again! This week, opposition MP Cary Gray made himself a wee snack off his own head.

Aussies, eh?

We serphistercated or wot?

ps – This has been ten minutes of your life you’ll never get back, and your eyes can never unsee the seen, like watching Kanye and Kim shagging, blank-eyed, on a motorbike. I.m sorry for lowering the tone of this relationship and I think we should all go and rinse our brains in kale juice now.