Honest School Notes #4

Dear office,

Basically, the children were late today because I got so organised last night. It threw out the system.  After spending a long time making school lunches, organising uniforms and packing bags, I got cocky. I thought I could buy extra lazy-bastard time in bed this morning.  I squeezed my eyes shut and ignored the fact that all three kids had got into our bed and were pretending to be zombies eating my brains.

We sent them out to make breakfast on their own so we could steal five more minutes, but in the end this resulted in a screaming sibling battle. Seven year old Peanut prepared the Weet-Bix and refused to give 5 year old T-Bone a reasonable amount of honey because it contained ’20 grams of sugar’.  It seems she has turned into Sarah Wilson during the night. T-Bone was understandably horrified that Peanut had broken all known agreements of child-cooking with her ‘I Quit Sugar’ approach to breakfast.

We were ready pretty early in the end, and so Keith started playing a few tunes. The toddler ran to put on her dancing dress. She is really starting to emote the passion of ‘Let It Go’ even though her grip on the lyrics is poor. Peanut, however, can belt and hold the ultimate high note with shocking force.

We were only running slightly late by the time we strapped the children in the car. In my defense, just before we left the house I showed Keith a YouTube clip of the Lavern and Shirley theme song and we did not immediately start trying to work out a piano arrangement. But we might be late tomorrow.


Ms McIntosh

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