Homemade Lemon And Vinegar Surface Spray

When you are trying to get kids to help with the housework, anything that squirts from a bottle is a winner. When preschoolers get involved, situations are unpredictable, but  you can be reasonably sure that at some point, your cleaning spray will make contact with an eye.

This surface spray is much kinder to an unsuspecting retina than a more complex collection of chemicals. And here’s the truth – it cleans just as well. Totally fine. Vinegar is a naturally biodegradable disinfectant, and lemon essential oil is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and bactericidal.

Also, it helps to have low standards.

This is how I make mine:

Into a spray bottle, I mix:

1 cup of white vinegar

I cup of water

A little squirt of dishwashing liquid.

A few drops of lemon essential oil.

That’s it. Give it a shake, and it’s ready for small hands to squirt liberally onto windowsills, tabletops, onto plants, down pants…