Great Stuff to Watch, Read and Listen To This Week

February 1943. “Moreno Valley, Colfax County, New Mexico. Dinnertime on George Mutz’s ranch.” from the Shorpy Historical Archive. 

What’s the haps this week, comrades? Full speed term-time around here. One kindy boy who is fully exhausted and ready for his school year to be over, and one seven year old with a birthday in ONLY SIX MORE DAYS, MUM!! Children obsessed with poo and genitals. Keith fighting a cold. I really, really  need to book a leg wax. Banana bread for afternoon tea.

Business as usual!

Some good stuff to check out this week if you’re looking for diversion:

Listen: Mekong Delta Sunrise by Australian hip-hop collective Astronomy Class., which samples Cambodian pop music fro the 50′s and 60′s. (Check out a bit here too.)

Read: Operating Instructions By Anne Lamott – a lovely present for an expecting Mum, and a charming, funny read about a grumpy ex-alcoholic single mother who finds herself surprised and delighted by her newborn’s first year.

Watch: Monkey Grip, available on iView. (Non- Aussie readers might need a workaround to view this one.) This superb ode to hairy armpits, bralessness and 70′s bohemianism, all set to a Chrissie Amphlett soundtrack, is is adapted from the book by Helen Garner.  Watch the film, and then watch this excellent making-of documentary, which features the wonderful Ms Garner as well many of the real-life people the book’s characters were based on.   They tell of being arty inner-city young adults, post-Pill and pre-Aids, grappling with feminism and open relationships and community parenting.

Happy Monday folks! Take off your bra, why don’t you. Relax-ay-voo.