Finite And Fleeting Moments

(Last Days Of Shanghai, 1949, Life Archives )

I love this useful bit of mental arithmetic, especially during the school holidays!

“In the course of each bedtimes bedlam, try to see into the future. The next time the clamour crescendos, but before the din dims, imagine your biological parenthood clock wound forward to the time they have grown and left home. Picture their formerly tousled bedrooms as neat, clean and empty. See the tidy backseat of the car, vacuumed and without crumbs or Cheerios. Playroom shelves neatly stacked with dusty toys. Laundry under control. Then wind the imaginary clock back from the future to now, and see those moments of mayhem for what they are, finite and fleeting moments. Never to be reproduced. Precious.”

Dr. Harley Rotbart

  • Jess

    Aw, this is so true. I’m the worst for wishing all this stuff away. Some days I think I would slap the next person who says “they grow up so fast,” but others it makes tears well in my eyes. Ridiculously, sometimes I picture myself as an old lady in a nursing home who has wished she could go back and hold her babies one last time, and that makes me hug them so tight. I can’t wait to get my freedom and independence back, but have a feeling that it won’t be so sweet when it gets here.

    • Rach @ mogantosh

      I agree with you Jess but it’s tough, no? There really is so much work to do, all the time! It’s good to remind ourselves of what is important – these lovely babies, who won’t stay so small – but it’s also OK to recognise that there is a lot of hard graft in the work of raising children, and it’s acceptable to long for a world where you’re not the one having to wipe all the bums, make all the food and step on all the Lego!

      Plus – grandchildren, may we be so lucky… All the joy, minimal Lego-danger.