My name is Rachael Mogan McIntosh, I have three children and just the one husband, known here as the K-Dog, and we live on the Australian coast.  Peanut is six, T-Bone is five and little Pudding is two.  The chaos sometimes makes my eyes leak salty water, and my laundry rarely has the freshness of Scandinavia, but the people in my little house bring me enormous joy.  I find motherhood very pleasing and endlessly comedic, especially when the children have gone to bed and I can think about them in the abstract. It’s not easy. But neither is making a really nice croqembouche, and in my experience they both come with great rewards, although only one has custard.

When not house-working, chauffeuring, tantrum-negotiating, pondering insane toddler philosophy and writing, I like to cook,  read, listen to podcasts and watch good TV. Sometimes I get crafty. Sometimes I get thoughtful. Often I complain. It’s good to have a blog for these things. I am captivated by the small details of how people live, in particular the magical, mundane, everyday intricacies of how families work.  I love to laugh, and actively seek out situations and people that make me wet my pants a little bit.

And so,  here I offer up to you the leavings of my brain-case. My mental dust bunnies, such as they are. I reserve the right to be idiotic, naive and nobby, and I apologise if at times I make you squirm. Thank you for your visit, and have a lovely day – if you are a kind person, as I’m sure almost all of you are. If you are an arsehole, I hope you slip on a banana peel and show your bum to a good-looking passer-by, who finds it unimpressive.

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PPS – The ‘smoking boy with chicken’ photograph on my front page is  a reproduction of a vintage photograph by the Parisian Studio, Paris, France, circa 1920.