A Random Post Of Goodness

I’m in bed. My back is ringing all the wrong bells.  They are atonal, minor-chord bells in the key of self-pity. (Not really. Everything’s fine. It’s a blip.) I hope your spine is not being  naughty today. Here’s some stuff that has floated my boat this week.

Happy weekending!


Somebody collected all the Rainbow Connection covers  in one place. Like,  finally.

Jessica Mitford and Maya Angelous sing ‘Right, Said Fred‘. Kazoo features.

Pause for thought: your life in weeks. 

This hand-painted tiffin box is a thing of beauty.

It’s mandarin season! 6 ways to re-use mandarin peel, from Mamabake:

Well hello, bare-assed Jack Nicholson, 1972:

This demon-voiced woman won the internet  for me this week.

The Frozen soundtrack is on high rotation here.  Like at this dads house (I adore this guy):

We’re still around the piano a lot.  This week Keith and I have been learning the haunting Split Enz classic  ’I hope I never’. So lovely. But I have Laverne and Shirley firmly in my sights: I feel like we might have to sing this number every day before school. Best possible way to start the day, yes?

  • http://thelittlemumma.typepad.com/ Angie@TheLittleMumma

    Oh, god, you MUST start every day with a Laverne and Shirley sing-a-long!

    Hope the spine is okay. x

    • mogantosh

      It’s being a bastard Ange, but thank you for asking. I am serious about before-school Laverne and Shirley #nobalert

  • http://claireyhewitt.blogspot.com/ ClaireyHewitt

    Miss 8 declared this week that she hopes to NEVER watch Frozen again. But she is happy to listen to the music… this too shall pass.

    • mogantosh

      Even the two-year old is obsessed around here Claire…I so love listening to them all sing though. It’s a good problem to have!

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